Landlord Tenant Eviction Lawyers in Bergen County NJ

Experienced landlord tenant eviction lawyers in Bergen County NJ –  Gary M. Didieo has handled hundreds of cases in the Special Civil Part of the Superior Court –  the section which hears landlord tenant eviction cases. As a lawyer, he has represented both landlords and tenants in Bergen County NJ landlord tenant court. As a court mediator, he helped resolve  many landlord tenant eviction disputes in Bergen County landlord tenant court.  Gary M. Didieo represents landlords in Bergen County who want to evict their tenants for non-payment of rent, breaches of the lease, holdovers and all other permitted grounds for eviction; or sue their tenants for backrent or damages to the property.   Gary M. Didieo also represents tenants in Bergen County NJ whose landlords are seeking to evict them or sue them for backrent or damages to the premises. He also helps tenants sue for the return of their security deposit. If you are looking for an experienced landlord tenant eviction lawyer in Bergen County NJ, call Gary M. Didieo at 201-213-0883 today for a free consultation to discuss your landlord tenant eviction case.