Lemon Law Lawyers in Hawthorne Passaic County NJ

Lemon Law lawyer in Passaic County, NJ Gary M. Didieo, Esq. can help you sue to enforce your rights under the NJ Lemon Law. The NJ Lemon Law protects consumers in Passaic County, NJ who purchase or lease a defective motor vehicle. The NJ New Car Lemon Law applies to new vehicles which are still under 24,000 miles and under two years from the date of original delivery. The NJ Used Car Lemon law generally covers vehicles under 100,000 miles which are less than 7 years old and under warranty. Passaic County Lemon Law lawyer Gary M. Didieo may be able to help you get a refund, replacement or damages for your “lemon”.

Your vehicle might be a “lemon” if you have had the same issue repaired at least three times or the vehicle has been out of service for a total of twenty days for a single issue. The defect must also substantially impair the use, value or safety of the vehicle. You must give the dealer written notice and a final opportunity to repair the vehicle before you can file a Lemon Law claim. Attorney Gary M. Didieo, Esq. assists Passaic County NJ residents with sending the required written notice and filing Lemon Law claims.

Call Gary M. Didieo, Esq. today at 201-213-0883 to schedule a Lemon Law consultation at his office in Passaic County, NJ. Mr. Didieo represents Passaic County residents from Clifton, Haledon, Hawthorne, Little Falls, North Haledon, Passaic, Paterson, Pompton Lakes, Prospect Park, Ringwood, Totowa, Wanaque, Wayne, West Milford and
Woodland Park.

Citations Issued After Homeowners File Complaints Against NJ Contractors

Citations Issued After Homeowners File Complaints Against NJ Contractors – 89 Contractors in NJ were recently cited for violations of the NJ Contractor’s Registration Act, the Home Improvement Practices Regulations and the Consumer Fraud Act. Notices of violation were announced on July 30, 2015, alleging violations from failing to register and carry proper insurance to not completing the work they that the contractors agreed to perform.

Forty contracting business in NJ were cited for being unregistered, and authorities said the majority of those companies were also the subject of consumer complaints. The contractors have been ordered by the state to pay the consumers restitution from $200 to $35,905.

Of the remaining contractors cited, 23 were ordered to pay restitution from $2,250 to $25,900 as a result of complaints filed by consumers. The remaining 29 contractors were cited for administrative violations.

In 2015, the Division of Consumer Affairs has issued violations to 120 contractors and ordered over $1,000,000.00 in restitution and penalties.

If you have been the victim of contractor violations in NJ, call Didieo Law Firm, LLC today at 201-213-0883 to schedule a consultation with a lawyer experienced in suing NJ contractors for violations of NJ laws and regulations.

File a Complaint against a Contractor in NJ

File a complaint against a contractor in NJ – Many of my clients ask for my assistance when they want to file a formal complaint against a contractor with the State of New Jersey in addition to filing a lawsuit against them. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs requires home improvement contractors  to register with the State pursuant to the New Jersey Contractor’s Registration Act, N.J.S.A. 56:8‐136 et seq., and provides a formal process where homeowners or their attorneys can file a complaint against a NJ home improvement contractor. The Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs has the power to suspend or revoke a NJ home improvement contractor’s registration, or assess a penalty, upon proof that the the contractor:

  1. Has obtained a registration through fraud, deception or misrepresentation;
  2. Has engaged in the use or employment of dishonesty, fraud, deception, misrepresentation, false promise or false pretense;
  3. Has engaged in gross negligence, gross malpractice or gross incompetence;
  4. Has engaged in repeated acts of negligence, malpractice or incompetence;
  5. Has engaged in professional or occupational misconduct as may be determined by the director;
  6. Has been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude or any crime relating adversely to the activity regulated by the Contractor’s Registration Act;
  7. Has had his authority to engage in the activity regulated by the director revoked or suspended by any other state, agency or authority for reasons consistent with this section;
  8. Has violated or failed to comply with the provisions of any act or regulation administered by the director; or
  9. Is incapable, for medical or any other good cause, of discharging the functions of a licensee in a manner consistent with the public’s health, safety and welfare.

If you have been a victim of an unscrupulous contractor in NJ and you want to file a complaint against him, call Didieo Law Firm, LLC today at 201-213-0883 to schedule a consultation to discuss filing a lawsuit and/or complaint against a home improvement contractor in NJ.

Hawthorne NJ Bankruptcy Lawyers

Hawthorne NJ Bankruptcy Lawyers – Bankruptcy attorney Gary M. Didieo in Hawthorne NJ represents bankruptcy clients in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Bankruptcy lawyers in Hawthorne NJ can help you erase or reduce your debt by filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you have credit card debt, medical bills, auto loans, personal loans or other bills, you may be able to erase or reduce these debts by filing bankruptcy with a Hawthorne NJ bankruptcy lawyer. Call Gary M. Didieo, a Hawthorne bankruptcy lawyer today at 201-213-0883 to schedule a free consultation for your bankruptcy case.

Criminal Lawyers in Hawthorne Passaic County NJ Municipal Court

Criminal Lawyers in Hawthorne Passaic County NJ Municipal Court – Have you been charged with a criminal offense or traffic violation in Hawthorne NJ Municipal Court or Passaic County NJ? Call Didieo Law Firm, LLC today at 201-213-0883 for a free consultation to learn how Gary M. Didieo can help you try to minimize or completely avoid the consequences of any criminal or traffic charge. Lawyer Gary M. Didieo handles traffic offenses such as DUI, driving on the suspended list, driving with no insurance, careless driving, speeding, possession of CDS in a motor vehicle and all other traffic charges in the Hawthorne Municipal Court. With regard to criminal matters, Attorney Gary M. Didieo represents clients in Hawthorne Municipal Court on charges of drug possession, disorderly conduct, assault, harrassment, domestic violence, theft, ordinance violations and all other criminal violations. Call Hawthorne NJ criminal lawyer Gary M. Didieo today for a free consultation for your case in municipal court in Hawthorne, NJ or in Passaic County NJ.

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Passaic County NJ

Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers in Passaic County NJ – Gary M. Didieo, Esq. is an experienced consumer bankruptcy lawyer in Passaic County NJ. Residents of Passaic County NJ may file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to erase their debts or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to restructure their debts. Passaic County residents’ bankruptcies are filed by their bankruptcy lawyers in the District Court of New Jersey in Newark, NJ. If you live in Passaic County and have credit card debt, medical bills or other debt, call Gary M. Didieo, a bankruptcy lawyer in Passaic County NJ for assistance with filing a Passaic County NJ bankruptcy.  The initial consulation is free and the office is located in Hawthorne, Passaic County, NJ.

Passaic County NJ Marijuana Lawyer News – Men Caught Smoking Outside Totowa Police Barracks

Passaic County NJ Marijuana Lawyer News – Four Passaic County men have been charged with marijuana and ecstasy possession after three of them were caught smoking marijuana outside the state police barracks in Totowa. According to police, the fourth was inside picking up paperwork for an impounded car. All four were charged with possession of 15 small bags of marijuana and alleged ecstasy pills that were found in the car.

Gary M. Didieo, a Passaic County, NJ marijuana lawyer, represents clients on marijuana possession and distribution charges in the following areas of Passaic County: Bloomingdale, Clifton, Haledon, Hawthorne, Little Falls, North Haledon, Passaic, Paterson, Pompton Lakes, Prospect Park, Ringwood, Totowa, Wanaque, Wayne, West Milford, West Paterson and Woodland Park. If you have been charged with possession or distribution of marijuana, call a Passaic County NJ marijuana today at 201-213-0883.

When can you sue a NJ contractor under the Consumer Fraud Act?

In New Jersey, you can sue a home improvement contractor under the Consumer Fraud Act when:

1. The contractor uses any unconscionable commercial practice, deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise or misrepresentation in connection with the advertisement, sale or performance of his services;

2. The contractor knowingly conceals, suppresses or omits any material fact; or

3. The contractor violates certain statutes or regulations designed ot implement the Consumer Fraud Act. Such laws include the Home Improvement Practices regulations and the Home Improvement Contractor Registration Act. Among other things, these laws prohibit the contractor from:

  • Failing to register with the Division of Consumer Affairs;
  • Failing to provide the consumer with a written contract;
  • Failing to provide the consumer with written change orders;
  • Failing to provide the start and end dates in the contract;
  • Delaying work without reason;
  • Requesting that the consumer sign a certificate of completion or make final payment before the work is complete;
  • Failing to obtain the proper permits;
  • Failing to provide guarantees and warranties in writing;
  • Falsifying the contract price; and
  • Pressuring the consumer to begin work when no agreement has been reached.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. There are many other actions and inactions which constitute consumer fraud by a NJ contractor.

A successful New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act claimant may be awarded treble (triple) damages, attorney’s fees and court costs. If you have been a victim of New Jersey Consumer Fraud by a contractor, call Gary M. Didieo, Esq. at Didieo Law Firm, LLC today to arrange a consultation to discuss the possibility of filing a New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act claim against your contractor. Gary M. Didieo represents consumers in NJ Consumer Fraud Act lawsuits in Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Hudson and Essex counties, and throughout the entire State of New Jersey.